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Link download anime

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ah! My goddess:
Volume 1-27 [BT]
Volume 28-29 + chapter 189-197 [BT]
Chapter 1-36 still counting
Chapter 1-197! Megami-sama/001/1.html

Angel Sanctuary
Volume 1-20 Complete Online Reading [BT] Sanctuary/01-1/1.html

Bad company(Prequel GTO)
chapters 1-10

Chapter 1-160 Still counting
Volume 1-7 still counting
Chapter 1-167 Still Counting Need to register

Volume 1-19(ch 57) still counting
chapter 1-57

Black Cat
Chapter 1-133 still counting Need to register
Chapter 48-133
Chapter 1-26 [DD + BT]
Volume 1-14 Need to register

Card Captor Sakura
Volume 1-12 complete Online Reading

Chapter 1-88 complete
Volume 1-8 complete

Chrono Crusade
Volume 1-5 Still counting Chronicl...ranslations.htm Need to Register

Flame of recca
Volume 1-33 complete [BT] of Recca/01-01/1.html

Full Metal Alchemist:
Chapter 1-33
Chapter 26-44 still counting Online Reading
Chapter 1-41 Still counting

Girl Saurus (complete)
Online reading + DD
ID: alygirl_saurus
Password: sharemanga
Girl Saurus completed + DX chapter 1-3 Online Reading + need to register Saurus/001/1.html

Great Teacher Onizuka
Volume 1-18 still counting
Chapter 1-167
chapter 1-150 Teach...zuka/001/1.html

Hunter X Hunter
Chapter 1 -232 still counting Need to Register Need to register + Online Reading

Ichigo 100%:
Chapter 1-106 still counting Online Reading 100% Need to register

Volume 1-38 Yasha/01/1.html
Chapter 1-6 Still counting

Lilim Kiss:
Complete Online Reading

Love Hina:
Volume 1-14 Complete Online Reading [BT]

Mahou Sensei Negima
Chapter 35-66 still counting Reading
Chapter 1-61 still counting
Chapter 1-66
Chapter 1-64 still counting Need to Register

Mai hime:
chapter 1-8 still counting
Chapter 1-3 still counting [BT + DD]
Chapter 1-22 still counting

chapter 1-248 still counting Online Reading

One Piece
Chapter 1-291 Online reading
Chapter 292-346 Online Reading
Volume 1-35
Chapter 227-345

Pretty Face:
Chapter 1-46 still counting Online Reading
Chapter 1-35 still counting
chapter 1-46 Still counting [Need to register]
chapter 28-45

Rurouni Kenshin
Volume 1-28 complete [Bit-torrent]
Volume 1-14,16

2nd list of recommended mangas.

18+: Những truyện dành cho người trưởng thành và ko dành cho những người trẻ tuổi và những ai ko thích chúng

Aishiteruze Baby
Chapter 1-23 still counting Baby

Air Gear
Chapter 1-18 to register + Online viewing Cần đăng kí
Chapter 13-18 Gear

Change Guy
Volume 1-21

Gantz 18+(Thriller/action)
Chapters 1-185 still counting
Chapters 1-189 Cần đăng kí+ Online viewing
Volume 1-15 still counting Cần đăng kí

Gakuen Heaven
Chapter 1-4 still counting

Girls bravo
Chapter 1-6

Koi Kaze:
Chapter 1-21 Still counting [BT]

Mär (Märchen Awakens Romance)
Chapter 1-72 Cần đăng kí+ Online Viewing
Chapter 1-77 [BT] Cần đăng kí
Chapter 1-6

Milk Crown
Volume 1-2 completed Online Reading [BT] Crown/01/1.html

Milk crown H:
Volume 1-5 completed Online Reading [BT] Crown H/01/1.html

Monster Collection:
Volume 1-6 Completed [BT] [Cần đăng kí]

Volume 1-4 completed [BT and DD] Cần đăng kí

Chapter 1-31 still counting [BT and DD] Online reading

Psychic Academy
Volume 1-11 completed Online Reading Academy/01/1.html
Chapter 1-38 completed need to Register [BT]

Psycho Trader Chinami
Volume 1-2 completed [BT] Trad...inami/01/1.html

Rose Hip Rose
Chapter 1-11 Hip Rose/01/1.html

Salad days:
Volume 1-18 completed Days/vol01/1.html
Volume 1-16 Online reading [BT]

School rumble
Chapter 1-58 + extra chapters Rumble/01/1.html
Chapter 1-30

Shaman King:
Chapters 1-131
Chapters 1-131

Star Ocean: Till the end of time
Chapter 1-7 still counting
Chapter 1-8 + 2 extra need to Register

Tenjou Tenge 18+
Volume 1-12
Get it here at anime-otaku :p
Chapter 1-63
Chapter 75-80

Video girl AI:
Completed [BT] Girl Ai/01/1.html

Yakitate!! Japan
Chapter 1-101 need to Register
Chapter1-118!%2...apan/001/1.html to register!!%20Japan Need to register + Online Viewing
Volume 1-6[BT]
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